Al-Akhbar is  a Canadian Arabic, weekly newspaper founded in 1996 in Montreal according to a partnership agreement with An-Nahar.

Its main purpose is to serve Canadians of Lebanese and Arabic origins through transmitting high quality and credible information from, its partner, Lebanon's leading daily newspaper An-Nahar.

Moreover, its main objective is to be a free platform to Community members to express their point of view on Canadian and Arab issues.

Al-Akhbar is edited by a Canadian team of journalists and support Staff.

It has correspondents in Canadian cities where Lebanese and Arabic presence are considered as important visible minorities. Mainly: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax, Windsor.

About 25,000 copies are being published weekly and distributed for FREE in more than 400 points of distribution, 4% of copies are sent to VIP.

Al-Akhbar is a tabloid of 24 pages minimum, published on Wednesday of every week. At special events, the size of the newspaper can double to reach 48 pages.


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